AThe larger an organization gets, the tougher and more complex it becomes to manage its infrastructure. The complication arises espe-cially during times when tough decisions are to be made, whether it is in help desk, problem troubleshooting, or issue remediation. Not to mention, such tasks could hinder an organization from spending time for future expansion.
Numaware Technologies helps companies manage their IT infrastructure that optimizes performance, enhances availability, and quickens remediation time by integrating infrastructure management with as-a-service applications to . Our services include the entire reper-toire of infrastructure management.

Datacenter Management

Whether the server’s down, storage needs aren’t met, or network equipment interoperability is trou-bled, all rise the operation cost and lower service quality. This is where having a dedicated IT partner helps. With Numaware Technologies as your IT, you will get a structured approach to your datacenter management.

We design and maintain datacenter for organizations of all sizes and businesses of different natures. Some of our offerings include

  • Executing standardization and virtualization initiatives
  • Application and system migration
  • 24/7 operational support
  • Efficiently addressing real-time complex challenges
  • Optimizing data management problems

Workspace Ecosystem Management

To manage a workspace ecosystem is a complex task, especially with businesses based in multiple locations that rely upon remote connectivity. Numaware Technologies offers workspace ecosystem man-agement services that will ensure smooth operation of end-user computing. Our services offerings include

  • Single-point ownership with accountability
  • Organization-wide multimedia archiving
  • End-to-end service management
  • Compliance application deployment and asset management
  • Consolidating platforms and enhancing operation

Technical Support

A proactive approach as opposed to reactive approach to technical support is key business growth.
This means anticipating problems and implementing systems to mitigate any negative impact.
Numaware Technologies offers complete technical support that involves predictive analysis.

We go the extra mile while offering on-site and remote technical support 24/7. We are quick to resolve your onshore and offshore difficulties promptly. Our range of services include

  • On-site and off-site service 24/7
  • Enhancing key product functionalities and resolving technical issues
  • Leverage technical tools to improve support quality
  • Ensuring business operation running and employee productivity