Telecom & Media

Enriching Connections of the Digital World.
Transforming the way telecommunication and media connects with people through digital solutions.

Of the few areas that see a direct impact from the technological advancement, telecommunication and media stand in the center. Any digital evolution triggers an immediate change in the way communication works. This demands companies to be always on the edge to adapt and innovate multiple processes in the supply chain.

numaware tech leverages the power of technology and operational strategies to help companies transition to the needs of the economic ecosystem and achieve sustainable growth.

IT Managed Services
Business Process Transformation
Technology Transformation
Digital Transformation
Product Engineering Services


Wrapping Efficiency and Unboxing Profit
Converting your business into a Total Retail, offering your brand a seamless image across platforms.

Consumers of this digital age have multiple options and platforms to buy what they like, when they like, and how they like. They expect a seamless experience with your brand, whether they’re shopping online, in store, or through mobile app.

numaware tech helps retailers deliver a Total Retail Experience to their customers by seizing the power of technology to enhance the efficiency of all the supply-chain operations that go into customer satisfaction.

Retail Analytics Solution
Customer Experience Solution
Data Management Services
Retail Workforce Management
Business Process Services


Improving Healthcare the Big-Data Way!
Leveraging the wealth of information from Big data, we help you transform the way healthcare services work.

Big Data has arrived and entrenched itself as a solid determiner of how healthcare services are rendered. New innova- tions in the healthcare sector now largely depend on how well a company uses the power of data to design strategies that make healthcare services highly efficient.

At numaware tech, we help you deliver streamlined and affordable services by taking care of the multiple challenges faced in the chain, starting from the back end to the doctor’s office.

Patient Engagement
Revenue Cycle Analytics
Enterprise Interoperability
Application & Infrastructure Services
EHR Optimization


A Digital Revamp to Production Processes!
Simplifying the way manufacturing works by accelerating production and profit through digital technology.

Manufacturing industry has multiple processes that could be digitally transformed for better efficiency, be it improving order visibility, cutting down inventory redundancy, or enhancing sales force automation.

numaware tech helps manufacturers of all kinds to innovate their supply chain and incorporate new strategies that will drive growth and realize their goals.

Manufacturing Business Intelligence
Asset Performance Management
Business Process Services
Data Management Services
Digital Transformation


Transcending Education Beyond the Norm
Innovating education with new methods and dynamic curriculum for ideal future-adults.

Education is one of those crucial fields where positive change is not optional but mandatory. As the world around us sees a constant influx of new ideas and technologies, children need newer and better methods to imbibe all the infor- mation out there. Such a milieu demands educational institutions to not just be proactive but also innovative.

We at numaware tech care deeply about how education is reformed, and have put our technology to good use so as to assist institutions in designing efficient teaching methods, both in form and content. If you have a vision to impact the future of education, we are there to assist you in the pursuit.

Digital Services
Product Engineering Services
Back-Office Services
Application Development
Data Integration

Transportation & Logistics

Optimizing Transportation through Technology
Wielding robust technological solutions to improve every aspect of transportation & logistics as a business.

Transportation and logistics are no more confined to local territories, thanks to globalization. With new frontiers opened and business opportunities enhanced, multiple challenges have risen along. We observe this especially in places like supply chain management, freight planning, operational efficiencies, and technology adoption, to name a few.

numaware tech offers services to Transportation & Logistics companies to smoothly overcome all these challenges and optimize the whole business with the help of technology and innovative strategies.

Digital Solutions for Logistics
Transportation Management
Business Process Optimization
Supply Chain Management
Technology Adoption

Oil & Gas

Technological Twist to Nature’s Energy
Streamlining and modernizing the way oil & gas companies function by incorporating technological assistance.

With the pace at which technology is penetrating into every industry to make lives easier, it is now possible to acceler- ate the manufacturing, distribution, and marketing operations of oil & gas companies with the help of the right IT solutions. Whether it is managing risk, gathering impenetrable data, maintaining environmental safety, or maintaining the infrastructure, technology has an answer for it all.

At Numaware Technologies, our expert solution providers bring in their knowledge from various domains like Big Data, mobile technology, cloud, etc., to provide the right solution for your oil & gas business.

Asset Integrity Management
Consulting Services
Offshore Services
Environment and Safety Management Services
Pipeline Scheduling and Optimization


Construct a Cutting-Edge Future
Offering the best tools, optimal processes, and apt methods to overcome construction challenges.

Technological advancement has brought about a major transformation in the construction industry too. Companies are now expanding their business range in terms of activities and geography. Large corporations are already leverag- ing on the technological assistance to bring in more efficiency in areas like access to funding, talent integration, and operations management.

Numaware Technologies, staying close to the global technological advancement, helps construction companies to revamp their business to suit the current trends.

Construction Supervision Management
Safety Management
Site Management
Digital Solutions
Supply Chain Management


Robust Online Platform Made Easy
End-to-end e-commerce solutions for online retailers, ISV’s, and Saas providers

The evolution of brick-and-mortars to online stores is currently on an overdrive. More than ever are we witnessing both corporate giants and startups setting foot into the online retail world. This demand has put pressure on online businesses to make their operations most-efficient to sustain the competition.

At Numaware Technologies, we understand the industry needs and provide complete e-commerce solutions right from consulting to development and support.

Infrastructure Management
Platform Development
Product Visualization
Multi-Device Enablement
Financial Planning and Stock Management