The field of digital services has an exciting array of niches under it, be it Big Data, social media, digital marketing or mobile platforms. Each of these has an immense potential for customer insight and revenue expansion. There is a lot of untapped arenas waiting to be explored. Capitalising on digital offerings is crucial to stay ahead and come out as a winner in the industry.
Numaware Technologies, with our wealth of industry expertise and hands-on experience, will work with you to digitally transform your business. With the proliferation of technological innovations, we will guide you through the maze in providing a richer and efficient service to your customers.

Digital Services

Customized experiences make businesses retain and win customers. But if such experiences were to satisfy the buyers, perfectly integrated channels with targeted messages at each step, all of which representing the brand image, is necessary. Our digital services cover three crucial aspects of digital commerce, namely strategy, implementation, and maintenance. Our range of offerings include

Personalized architecture for your multi-channel digital-commerce platform
Suggestions of components to your platform for futuristic development
Critical customer data based on various segments
Empowering your multi-channels with better service capabilities and brand expression
Bespoke content and user experience
Cutting edge ecommerce storefronts and platforms
Integrating top-notch third party search and user analytics
Uninterrupted business activity during upgrades and migration
Future product lines, storefronts, and fulfillment centers
Application management

Digital Marketing

Emerging as a winner in today’s market requires more than having a perfectly designed and integrated product. Capitalising on the marketing strategy by personalizing offerings, providing seamless navigation, and real-time interaction is mandatory. Prioritizing digital marketing and collecting a vast array of customer data is key to staying on top.

With Numaware Technologies as your digital partner, your digital marketing needs are efficient-ly taken care of. Our range of offerings include

Personalized digital strategy and assessment for potential growth
Future road map for maximum growth
Fitting mobile and social-media apps for greater user experience
Migration of content using industry’s best practises
Multi-level activity monitoring
Third-party coordination

User Experience Design

To satisfy today’s customers, you need to offer a seamless and consistent user experience across platforms. Having an expert understanding of your business vision and the needs of the audience is necessary to creating such a compelling user experience.

We at Numaware Technologies approach user experience design by striking a balance between appearance and functionality. We understanding geographical and demographical preferenc-es before designing your product. Our range of design offerings include

Unified business experience design
Multi-channel user experience design
Mobile experience design
Visual data representation